Or: Creepy Puppet ‘splains The 3 Easy Steps of How to Seduce, Date, or Even Marry Any Woman You Want!

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I think it would be safe to say that this Crack The Girl Code Review is unlike anything you have ever read before as it defies everything you thought you knew about beautiful women and what they really want in a man. Created by Internationally known relationship experts Michael Fiore and Marni Kinrys, Crack The Girl Code goes against conventional wisdom to deliver a program so unique and so powerful that it gives you an almost unfair advantage over the women you want.

Even though the Crack The Girl Code program is fairly new to the marketplace, it has already been through a rigorous testing phase spanning several months with real people just like you in order to perfect it for maximum results. Well, the results have come pouring in and we will take a look at some of the different features that have made the initial responses so positive.

In this detailed Crack The Girl Code review we will talk about what has made this incredible new program rise to such great heights in so little time, but we will also point out some negatives to watch out for as well. So, hang in there as we walk through some of the highlights.

What is “The Evolutionary Cheat Code?”

If you are at all familiar with video games, a cheat code is a secret sequence of button pressing that allows you to cut through all the hard work and BS so you can move on and master the game much quicker.

The cheat code in Crack The Girl Code works much the same way to the female mind. Pressing the right buttons allows you to skip through all the confusion and frustration of how to connect with her that leaves other guys still trying to figure it all out. With 100% certainty, you can make a quick connection that triggers a “powerful emotional response” in her mind.


This one technique tricks the female psychology and sparks an almost immediate connection of sexual desire that opens the heart, mind, and even panties of the most hot, intelligent, and beautiful women on the planet. The amazing part is that it doesn’t matter if your short, ugly, fat, broke, bald, etc. because once you have made that connection in her mind, her body will willingly follow. And the best part is, you won’t need to change a thing about yourself in order to experience amazing results.

What Are the 3 Steps to The Cheat Code?

Marni Kinrys reveals the 3 buttons to press in any woman’s mind that that will “turn the tables” to actually have her chasing after you. She calls it the “Evolutionary Cheat Code”.

1. The Connection Button

The critical first step is pressing the connection button in her mind. She will immediately feel that she is being seen and understood by you like no other man ever has. This technique is not only eye opening to her but it is a need she craves to fill more than any other. From that moment on she will see you in a totally different light. You will become irresistible to her.

2. The Desire Button

It is important to understand that sexual desire for a woman is 100% mental initially. Pressing the desire button in her mind will have her so turned on mentally that her body will be desperate to follow. Us guys are all about being turned on by what we see. Not so with a woman. If your goal is simply to get a woman in bed and have her completely give herself to you for unbelievably great sex, this is a sure fire way to accomplish it.

3. The Fate Button

This one is just a tad bit more difficult, but by pressing the fate button in her mind, she will feel convinced that she is destined to be with you forever. She absolutely won’t be able to get enough of you. However, it’s important for you to note that this button should only be pushed if you truly desire a long-term and deep relationship with her. This method is so powerful it is not something you will want to play games with.

What Else Will You Learn in Crack The Girl Code?

Marni Kinrys has gone over the top with her in-depth description of fool proof techniques in the program with not only the most affective way to get the girl you desire but an exact step by step plan of how to do it.

Here are just a few of the other techniques she teaches that will help you get the girl every time without changing a single thing about yourself.

* How to “Drop the Desire Bomb”

*The “Panty Dropper Note Technique”

* The “Irresistible Man Mindset”

* The “Conversation Matrix Method”

* The “Vocal Seduction Technique”

…And many more including the 13 Universal Signals that will put YOU on her radar screen.


Does the Crack The Girl Code Work?

Like they say, the “proof is in the puddin” and the response of the guys that have been through the program have been nothing short of astounding thus far.

Here is what a few of them had to say;

Jason says…

“ To be honest, I wasn’t expecting results so quickly. Even after week one I couldn’t believe how different I felt. Women are looking at me differently now and responding to me in a totally different way. I’ve looked at programs done by men before, but honestly, just having the female feedback made all the difference.”

Josh says…

“ Thanks to your advice my sexual life has been revamped. In the past 3 months I’ve been in bed with more women than in the last 2 years combined.”

Mark says…

“I’ve wanted this one girl for years. I used one technique you gave me and suddenly she is hitting on ME. AMAZING. THANK YOU!

The Bonuses

Marni Kinrys has generously included 5 awesome bonus reports with enrollment in the Crack The Girl Code program you won’t want to miss. Most guys agree that the bonuses alone have been a huge factor in their newfound success with women.

1. How to Avoid the “Friend Zone”

2. “Sexual Escalation Formula”

3. “My First Ever One Night Stand”

4. Simple “Seduction Checklist”

5. The “Connection Factor”

Are There Any Negatives?

Yes, there are.

1. Unfortunately, with any relationship program as powerful and popular as Crack The Girl Code is, there will always be a very few men who, (for whatever reason) will want to abuse it. Exactly what Marni feared the most. The program was created and designed to assist regular guys like you and I to know the pleasures of having women we truly want to be with. NOT to be used as practical jokes or to manipulate women for purposes of ill will.


2. To be clear, Crack The Girl Code is an online training course that will require some effort on your part to go through all the modules, do some simple exercises, and then go out apply what you have learned. If you perceive that as a negative, than this program is probably not right for you.


What Are the Positives?

Other than all the obvious benefits mentioned in this review along with the overwhelming results so many men are already enjoying, there are 2 additional positives that really stand out that should be mentioned here.

1. In mine and many others opinion, the cost of enrollment into the Crack The Girl Code program is almost laughably low when considering what you get. The thousands of hours of research and expertise of Michael Fiore and Marni Kinrys are worth far more than what they are asking as an enrollment fee.


2. When you consider The 100% 60 Day (No Questions Asked) money back guarantee that is standard with any of Michael Fiore’s programs it makes your decision a no-brainer.

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